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Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Inżynieryjnych INKOP company was founded in July 1989.

Founder and owner was by inż. Paweł Piechnik. Main company's activity profile is complex construction engineering.

In response to the development of modern non-excavation technologies, in 1997 roku we started our department of specialist engineering works.

We offer professionalism in the realization of investments with the application of the microtunnelling method, teleoptically controlled drilling, and pneumatic impact moling.

Years of experience in the construction of underground pipelines with the application of the non- excavation method, experienced personnel, as well as employment of state-of-the-art technologies have enabled us to produce numerous structures in extreme ground and water conditions that would not have been able to be produced with the application of a traditional method.


Operating at the construction engineering market, we have gained respect and trust of investors, supported by numerous references and acknowledgements for a high quality of works. We have frequently been employed to complete an investment which other companies were not able to complete. Our fundamental principle is care for the client and closing the investment without unnecessary involvement of the investor. Long-standing development strategy enforces high performance quality and guarantee of durability of the investments realized by our company. In 2004, we implemented the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, establishing ourselves the primary aim of providing services in a competitive manner while maintaining required quality.

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Confirmation of providing top-quality services is awarding our company numerous prizes, including: Medal Europejski (the European Medal) for achievements in the field of construction engineering, in particular non-excavation technologies awarded in 2002 by the Business Centre Club, Medal Europejski for providing lease of construction equipment awarded in 2003.

TYTAN 2003 award by the 'Inżynieria Bezwykopowa' ('Non-excavation Technologies') Quarterly and the Polskie Stowarzyszenie Technologii Bezwykopowych ('Polish Association of Non-excavation Technologies') in the "Project of the year - a new installation", category for the construction of sewers with the microtunelling method. Medal Europejski (the European Medal) for "Providing lease services and construction equipment technical services" awarded 2003 by the Business Centre Club.


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