Microtunelling is a state-of-the-art trenchless method of underground infrastructure construction that, because of its great advantages, is becoming more and more popular.

As one of the few companies in Poland, INKOP offers rental of high-class equipment for microtunelling. We have complete sets of equipment for microtunelling with auxiliary fittings, operated by a qualified staff.


Because of the specificity of microtunelling the price of the lease will be counted individually for every contract, based on the filled survey in which you will provide us with the data necessary for the price calculation. 

Below we present you the sets in standard configuration. At the same time we would like to inform you that we are able to quickly adapt the below mentioned sets to carry out micro-tunnelling for the required pipe diameter within the range available in the market.

Sets microtunelling

Type Performed diameters Ø [mm]
AVN 300 410mm
AVN 400 565, 675, 720 mm
AVN 500 675, 720, 760mm
AVN 600 780, 975mm
AVN 800 975, 1100mm
AVN 800 XC 1100, 1260, 1280mm
ABM 1400 1740/2500mm


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